Product Solutions

We Provide All Kind Of Military & Avionics Applications. The company has expertise in the design and manufacture of Military and Avionics Hardware and Software.  We specialise in the design of Smart Multifunction Displays (SMFD), Man Machine Interfaces, Inertial Navigation Systems & Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Avionics & Military Display Solutions

Integrated Standby Instrument System, Radio Magnetic Indicator, Radio Altimeter Display Unit & Smart Multi Functional Display


Avionics & Military HMI Control Solutions

The NVIS-Compatible Front Panel, Identification of Friend or Foe, The Versa Module Europa, Control Display Unit & Central Warning Panel

Inertial Navigation Systems - Aerospace Military & Marine

Single and Dual Antenna GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems, IMU-P Inertial Measurement Unit, The Attitude and Heading Reference System & more

Remote Sensing System – MARSS

he Mobile & Aerial Remote Sensing System - MARSS is designed by Datasol Innovative Labs as a cost-effective solution for extremely accurate Remote Sensing applications.


Rugged Handhelds & Tablets

Algiz RT8, Nautiz X41 & Nautiz X6

Test Rigs & ATE

Automated Test Equipment, Integration Facilities, Simulation, Acquisition And Analysis Tools & more